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Working with Solicitors


We work closely with solicitors in a number of areas:

•    Inheritance Tax Planning– particularly where it involves recommendations to draw up or revise Wills, make use of Trusts, consider changes to the way property is owned, make significant gifts, etc.;

•    Estate Valuations– compiling valuations of a deceased’s investments, reporting on these to the Executors, assisting with the sale or re-registration to beneficiaries of shares, collective funds, and other investments;

•    Trusts– Settlors and Trustees may require advice on appropriate investment strategies for funds held in the trust.  Requirements under the Trustee Act 2000 are met through the provision of thorough investment reviews, assessment of suitability with regard to Trust objectives, recommendations for any adjustments that may be required, and the provision of regular future reviews with and to the Trustees;

•    Long Term Care– the drafting of strategies for managing and financing a client’s long term care often requires legal advice, from making or registering a Power of Attorney through to the sale of property, and it can be vital to ensure that clients and their families understand the terms and implications of the intended arrangements;

•    Settlements & Personal Injury Trusts– where clients have been successful in personal injury claims we are able to offer investment advice based on their needs, objectives and risk profile.