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Quarterly Newsletter - Summer 2016

Since the press and all other media – including the rather questionable social media – have exposed us to wall-to-wall coverage of the EU referendum, you may well be fed up with reading more about it.  Therefore, we will keep our comments very brief.  Nevertheless, events during the lead-up to the referendum on 23 June as well as over the last month since the UK made the momentous decision to leave the EU have been fascinating to observe, irrespective whether you applaud or bemoan the outcome of the vote.

Politicians – both pro- or anti-Brexit – did not cover themselves in glory in the run-up to the vote.  By and large, the electorate was rightfully dissatisfied with the lack of proper and considered analysis of the repercussions of either staying in or leaving the EU.  Both sides engaged in campaigns that were bordering on insulting the intelligence of the voters: in short, it was ‘Project Fear’ versus fanciful promises.