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23 March 07

Auxetix blast ahead with 'Smart Curtain'

Testing of Auxetix Ltd's 'smart' blast curtain fabric at the Home Office site in Cumbria (see news article of 14th Dec 2006) has been successfully concluded. Auxetix Ltd are pleased to announce that the EPSRC-funded feasibility study into their ... read more

6 March 07

Ministers get to grip with Formerol

Formerol, the company behind the invention of the ground-breaking soft-grip polymer, today met with government Ministers at a NESTA showcase of companies supported by the Creative Economy Programme. Formerol Ltd, and its founder, Jane ni Dhulcha... read more

31 January 07

Greenbridge again feature on ITV Meridian News.

With people still dying of MRSA and C.Diff across the country, ITV Meridian News asks why the NHS is resisting proven new life-saving technology, such as Activ8 from Greenbridge. On Tuesday January 30th, ITV Meridian News ran a feature looking a... read more

29 January 07

Greenlights shown to Greenbridge

Boeing have given the green light to Greenbridge's Activ8 being used on any Boeing aircraft, while a Cyprus hospital has achieved fantastic test results using Activ8 to disinfect an operating theatre. Greenbridge are delighted to announce that, ... read more

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