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21 May 10 - Zetix Quality Fabric Of The Month

The influential journal and online publication Textile World features Zetix in its May/June edition as its Quality Fabric Of The Month.

Author of the piece, Managing Editor Janet Bealer Rodie, highlights the almost limitless potential of auxetic fabrics particularly with reference to its blast protection properties, as explained by Dr Patrick Hook, MD of Auxetix Ltd:

"When force is applied the auxetic yarns deform, opening thousands of small pores in the fabric's surface.  In so doing, they absorb the peak pressures from the blast wave and yet allow the rest to pass through.  At the same time, they catch any airborne debris such as glass shards, shrapnel or secondary fragmentation."

In simulated car bomb testing and grenade testing, Zetix has shown "remarkable resilience," sustaining negligible damage after eight nearby grenade blasts, Dr Hook added.

For the full article, please follow this link.

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