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8 May 12 - When Google Met Sugru …

Clever marketing, a sharp eye for an opportunity, and the ceaseless search for conference novelty freebies has won priceless publicity for FormFormForm’s Sugru, as founder Jane ni Dhulchaointigh describes:

A few months ago, a sugru’er called Roman who works at Google had the idea that sugru could make a cool Google gift.  WE loved the idea, so we worked together to make special edition Google sugru.

“Engineers love sugru and these are beautiful and useful little promo gifts to help lure all the most talented engineers at recruitment fairs and events into the Google clan…

“But what should we call it?  Google + sugru = …. googru of course !

“Google brought the first batch of these to the WWW2012 conference in Lyon - apparently they all disappeared in a few hours.  We’ll have to make some more so!

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